Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair

Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair Furniture design took a step backward and a giant leap forward with the Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair series. Inspired by the Louis XVI armchairs that grace the Palace of Versailles, the 2002 version is a whimsical postmodern creation that works in any suburban castle or urban …

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Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Ottoman Blue

Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair is a signature of Danish architect and designer’s style and career. Often referred to as the Father of modernism, Jacobsen developed a bold modern look in furniture that defined Scandinavian design. While still an architect, he gained popularity in 1950-51 with the Ant chair. Simple and …

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Entry foyer of graphic designer Joseph Abbatti

Retail giant JC Penney’s brand marketing creative director Joseph Abbati is also a well-known graphic designer. Small wonder his Dallas loft features striking designs in its every nook and cranny. He describes his interior design sensibilities as “brash aesthetics”, and does not shy from bold patterns and visual/tactile textures with his choice of …

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Anderson Cooper Living Room

Check Out this Amazing Anderson Cooper Living Room Copycat guide! American journalist Anderson Cooper is known for his news show Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN. Many of his fans also note his impeccable taste in clothing, and his penchant for classic, minimalist interiors in his Manhattan penthouse. With over 3,000 …

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The Makings of a Modern Home

Relaxation and Entertainment ·         Somnus-New Bed- With its RFID cards enhancement, HD A/V system, mood and reading lights, and multi-media connectivity, Somnus-New Bed easily doubles as a personal entertainment space, and captures what it means to be a technorati from sunrise to sundown. ·         Headman- Immerse yourself in a 3D …

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How to Add Contemporary Styling to your Living Room

contemporary living room

You’ve seen the magazine spreads full of glossy photographs that seem as if they are from a distant future.  But a contemporary style of clean lines, minimal décor, and punches of unexpected color characterize the edgy interior designs of the here and now.  Is your living room ready for a …

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Selecting the Ideal Home Office Furniture for Productivity

Choose office furniture ideal for your home office

Does your home office inspire you or make you cringe?  Whether it’s for bills, personal projects, or your full-time workstation, sitting at your desk may not be optional.  So take a fresh look at your home office space and make it as exciting, inspiring, and comfortable as it can possibly …

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Ralph Lauren Kitchen

Famous designer Ralph Lauren likes it simple, uncluttered, and clean as far as fashion goes. The same holds true for the Fifth Avenue duplex he shares with his family. His yen for open and clean spaces is reflected in every room of the home, and even more so in his …

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Decorating with Barstools

While many may be inclined to think that barstools are merely for bars, restaurants, and lounges, lots of savvy homeowners are nevertheless seriously considering them as fixtures for their dwellings. They make great home furnishing pieces for plenty of practical and aesthetic reasons. Let’s take a look at some of …

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Principles of Minimalist Design

Kiss Chair from InStyleModern

Minimalism in interior design has become quite popular among homeowners and even those who are renting, for many different reasons. Whether it’s for practical or aesthetic purposes, the minimalist look has definitely made its mark in many rooms of a modern home. You don’t need to hire a professional to …

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