2015 Interior Design Color Trends to Watch & Love

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At InStyleModern.com, we place a lot of emphasis on combining classic mid-century modern furniture designs and current home decorating directions. When our friends at Back2Bath contacted us about their recent research, we were eager to share it others who are interested in 2015 interior design color trends.

We hope you will be as charmed and intrigues as we expect, starting with the across-the-pond spelling of colour. Separated, as we are, by a common verbal language – we are pleased to be able to agree on the eye-pleasing graphics here.

2015 home decor design color trendsYou’ll find the clear arrangement of themes and accompanying swatches easy to follow. The pictures of rooms decorated with the color schemes make it easy to visualize how you can use these palettes in your own decorating projects.

Our favorites:

Sixties Shades

The sixties rolled with olive and orange, and we still take our martinis that way. Go with olive flooring, and window treatment for the large flat surfaces. Brighten up with fresh orange accent pieces from our collection. Olive offices pop with the Ox mid-back office chair or the Sopada high-back conference chair. Repeat the orange in area rugs, decorative objects, picture frames, or other elements. Bring olive back in the smaller details with a desk set or lamp to balance things and achieve the effect you prefer.

Glossy Blue & Greek Blue

The solid elegance of Greek Blue match with pink or grey. The unexpected shine of a Fabrege egg in the bluest blues. Accompanied by darkest blues, the shiny power combines calm and fun for business or home environments. We have 3 Arne Jacobsen favorites that fit this plan. His Swan Chair, Egg Chair, and Fiberglass Fiesta Egg Chair all have blues that work in these and other emerging 2015 interior design color trends.

Neutral Gray

Mid-century modern design championed grays. Many people enjoy the outstanding and understated pieces that can fit this Neutral Gray scheme, and also appear in the dynamic pairings and Greek Blue palettes. Classic Eero Saarinen style Womb Chair and ottoman sets come in both dark gray and light gray.

Dynamic Pairings

Perhaps the boldest combinations in the group, this color scheme offers a dramatic personal point of view. Nobody will think you just happened to find cubed angles of dark brown leather that is the Florence style arm chair. Likewise, the spherical Eero Aarnio style Bubble Chair hanging from the shiny metal stand and adorned only in a white cushion may have come from another dimension, but it didn’t get in that position by accident.

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