The Makings of a Modern Home

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modern houseRelaxation and Entertainment

·         Somnus-New Bed- With its RFID cards enhancement, HD A/V system, mood and reading lights, and multi-media connectivity, Somnus-New Bed easily doubles as a personal entertainment space, and captures what it means to be a technorati from sunrise to sundown.

·         Headman- Immerse yourself in a 3D gaming experience that boasts of 5.1 channel surround sound and 1280 x 720 pixels with this head-mounted display system from Sony.

·         Holographic Televisions- Enjoy vivid 3D effects from your home audio visual media without the angle and positioning constraints typical to today’s 3D televisions.

Design and Display

·         LED ceiling by Seo Dong-Hun- Maximize LED technology by bringing it to the confines of your home; create unique and exciting patterns and designs on your very own ceiling.

·         Smart Window- Imagine a giant iPad with all the practical apps and cool features that you need and what you’ll get is Samsung’s Smart Window which can easily turn your living space into a work of artechnology.

·         Solar Roof/Shingles- Cut down on your electricity bill by about two thirds in a year with this energy generating solar shingles, and most importantly, take pride on being an eco-warrior.

Safety and Security

·         Intelligence Toilet II- Turn your bathroom into a mini-clinic with this highly advanced toilet system that allows weight, body mass index, glucose level, and blood pressure reading. All these information are sent directly to your computer via WiFi technology.

·         Self-Sterilizing Door Handle- Employing UV light to consistently sterilize door handles, this creation by a certain Choi Bomi allows you to indiscriminately open doors without having to worry about contacting the flu.

·         Modern Security- Nowadays you can feel at ease even when miles away from home with ultra-modern home security systems that enable real-time alarm notifications via text messages, emails, and even live video feeds.

·         Lockitron- Keyless entry, smartphone compatibility, WiFi adaptability, and a smart energy-saving battery are just some of the noteworthy features of this cutting edge device that enables home owners to lock, unlock, and share access to their front doors from anywhere in the world.

Heavy-duty and Practicality

·         Gorilla-Glass Windows- Outfit your home windows with the heavy-duty material called Gorilla Glass, and feel unbreakable within your living quarters.

·         Cardok Futuristic Pop-up Garage- Equipped with a basic but practical hydraulic mechanism, pop-up garage allows you to maximize space and optimize style. From a flower bed to a water surface, the possibilities abound on how you wish to camouflage your home parking space.

·         The Warmly Yours Electric Snow Melting System- This mechanism can easily be installed in concrete, asphalt, or mortar and paves the way to the aforementioned surfaces’ heat absorption as prompted by air or ground-based sensors.

·         Spummy- Employing nano-technology to create foam that can taste like all types of food imaginable, Spummy is deemed as a gourmet chef’s future kitchen ally.

·         Memory Coffee Maker- Through hand print recognition, this smart kitchen tool lets every household have its own barista. It accurately detects exactly what kind of blend would perk up your day.

·         The Nest Learning Thermostat- Considered as the thermostat for the iPhone generation and the green advocates, this device is packed with striking features such as motion sensor for temperature adjustment, and an artificial intelligence capable of adapting to its owners’ habits and preferences.

·         Honda Miimo- This piece of equipment is capable of random lawn cutting set at two to three millimeters of grass a week. The machine also has a battery sensor that prompts it to return to the charging dock once running low on energy.

·         Microsoft Home Control System- This highly intelligent home system puts housekeeping convenience to a higher level. From kitchen to garden maintenance, it has everything a busy homeowner needs to not miss a single home duty.

·         Self-driving Cars- Avoid usual driving nuisance such as minor accidents, traffic congestion, unavailable parking space, and the likes, through computer generated automobiles that comprise a central system of obliging vehicles.

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