How to Add Contemporary Styling to your Living Room

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You’ve seen the magazine spreads full of glossy photographs that seem as if they are from a distant future.  But a contemporary style of clean lines, minimal décor, and punches of unexpected color characterize the edgy interior designs of the here and now.  Is your living room ready for a fresh facelift to bring it into this decade?  Maybe it just needs a little adjustment?  If you love the look but think it’s impossible to achieve without an expensive re-design, think again.  Here are some basic elements to contemporary design that you can work into any living room, in big ways or small.

contemporary living room

Add contemporary styling with sophisticated furniture and details

Image via: John Maniscalco Architecture


Contemporary design is actually very practical and easy to maintain, even for busy families.  The goal is to maximize space and use fewer pieces to get that minimalist, less-is-more feel.  The quickest way to get started is to evaluate your living room and streamline what you already have.  Where do you want your guests to look?  Clear the clutter down to just a few accent pieces so they can really shine.  Look for furniture that can serve more than one purpose, like the Taupe Micro Twill Sofa Bed, which allows you to quickly adjust the arms and back for comfort or the occasional out-of-town guests.  Without extra furniture and décor, your living room will feel larger and easier to keep clean and neat.  Wouldn’t a little more simplicity be nice in your living room?


Taupe Micro Twill Modern Sofa Bed

Pump up the color

Now that your room has the minimalism and space that are core concepts of contemporary design, work with color to get the complete feel.  Fresh white walls and lots of neutral colors are easy to work with, and your living room probably already has some of those basic elements.  Contemporary design is the most playful on a blank ‘canvas’ in a room, so bright bursts of color will draw attention, like the brilliant red Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa.  By using color only for specific items, you focus attention on the design highlights of your room, like a fireplace or a really stunning piece of furniture.

Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa

Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa

Budget styling

The latest home fashions usually come with a price tag to match their ingenuity and design.  However, even on a budget, In Style Modern provides options at a great price so the living room from the magazine photos doesn’t have to be just a dream.

Liven your living room with color

Liven your living room with color

Image via: Rachel Reider Interiors

Contemporary design is practical, simple, playful, and thanks to In Style Modern, it is also affordable.  With these tips, you can bring edgy design and chic styling into your living room.

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