3 Creative Ways to Bring Summer Colors into Your Guest Bedroom

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When the air is warm and the days are long, many of us just want to throw open our windows and enjoy the days of summer. Creating a summer look in your guest bedroom not only makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable, it makes them enjoy the feeling of summer all year long. Nothing feels as good as walking into a bright bedroom right in the middle of winter. It’s enough to put a smile on your face. Summer bedroom decorating doesn’t have to be a big project. With just a few tweaks, you can bring summer freshness into your guest bedroom.


How will you invite summer color into your guest bedroom?

Image via: Andra Birkerts Design

If you’re looking to give your guest bedroom a summer update, here’s how to go about it:

1)     Make The Sofa Bed The Focal Point

Summer is all about daring patterns and bold colors. Bring that atmosphere into your guest bedroom with the Romano Convertible Sofa Chair. You’ll not only offer your guests a place to rest their weary bodies, you’ll also brighten up the room instantly. Nothing screams summer like a bright red color. Red is an excellent choice as it goes with many different colors like gold, purple, gray-green, yellow-beige, and blue. If your walls are painted a bright color, you can tone down the color scheme with a neutrally-colored sofa bed like the Taupe Micro Twill Modern Sofa Bed.

Romano convertible chair

Romano convertible chair

2)     Use your Walls to Create Colorful Inspiration

Happy, bright colors make you think of carefree afternoons, sunny days at the beach, fresh air, and flowers in bloom. For a gentle, subtle look, paint the walls of your guest bedroom softly tinted pales or pastels such as lime green, pale aqua green, lemon yellow, raspberry, and Persian violet. These colors can easily blend with dark and neutrally-colored decor. If you’re going for a crisp, comfortable look, blend mid-tone colors like green or grape with white or taupe-colored furnishings.

Add bright or subtle summer color inspiration

Add bright or subtle summer color inspiration

Image via: Northworks Architects and Planners

3)     Use Colorful Bed Linen

Using colorful bedding is a simple and easy way to bring summer into your guestroom without breaking the bank. When choosing bed linen, remember that comfort is also key factor. The linen should be soft and cozy to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Some bedding comes with different patterns on each side helping you to easily vary the look of the bedroom. Bed linen greatly affects a bedroom’s atmosphere and can help you to achieve the perfect summer look.

These simple tips will give your guestroom an enduring summer look and keep your guests smiling all year long.

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