Ghost Chair Design Trends

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Ghost chairs, which are made from high quality plastic, are iconic pieces of furniture that showcases timeless elegance and versatility. Crafted from a single continuous mold that has no seams or intersections, the most recognizable ghost chair ever created is the Louis ghost chair. The polycarbonate material used for this makes it transparent so you can see through it giving it the “ghostly” effect. In 2002, he patterned his design to the classic King Louis XV arm chair which has an oval back and straight seat and legs. Because of the material used, this chair can be very durable and stable. It can withstand shock, scratches and can last against the elements of nature. It will not easily break and as many as six pieces of Louis Ghost chairs can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.

The elegant design of ghost chairs makes it easy to find locations where they can fit both physically and visually. The transparency of the chair also helps in making an otherwise small space look more spacious. If you love the striking look of ghost chair but you’re unsure how you will incorporate them into your home, we have got great inspirations to keep the creative juice flowing!

 Practically every living room has a chair in it. This is where the members of the family usually stay to bond and communicate with each other. It is also the part of the house where guests are commonly entertained. Using ghost chairs as accents, you give your living room a fresher, homier feel.

Rooms that apply a solitary pigment in different tones require pieces of furniture that won’t interfere with the uniformity of colors used. For instance, if you intend to use pink as your basic color and use varying shades of pink in your room, it would be pretty hard to find a chair that can work in harmony with your chosen colors.

 Ghost chairs are commonly used in dining areas. Paired with a solid colored table, the contrasting colors make a very striking effect. It would be best to paint your walls with colors that in contrast from your table. The ghost chairs will serve as the point of equilibrium so there is a balance of colors.

Transparent chairs look great in home offices as well. Typical dark, bulky office chairs only make a room look stuffy, cluttered and without personality. Because ghost chairs are very versatile, it works for both home and office use. Because of the stylish design and eye-catching crystalline appearance of ghost chairs, they can transform the look of any space, including offices.

Neutral colored kitchens are also great for transparent ghost chairs. You can integrate glass and metal hardware to accentuate the stark, clear chairs.

Although ghost chairs are primarily used in the kitchen or living room they also make great addition to bathrooms. They’re great especially for plain settings, like white on white/silver/steel blue combinations.

 Whether you intend to use your ghost chairs indoors or outdoors, they will look great either way. You use these chairs to create a sense of uniformity in the interior design or as a focal point of a specific area in your home. Because of the minimalist design and versatile style of ghost chairs, they can be used in both traditional and contemporary design setting.

Ghost plastic chairs are so popular that they can be found almost everywhere in the world. Top fashion boutiques, bars, offices, and even personal homes are integrating them into their own living space. Unfortunately, the original Louis Ghost Chair created by designer Philippe Starck is very expensive.

The good news is, there is great selection of ghost chairs in various styles available at You can either order these chairs individually or as part of a set. carries other iterations of the ghost chair including the Victoria Ghost chair, Clear Square Side Chair, Ghost Counter Stools, and their bestseller, the Louis Ghost Arm Chair.

They are available in either clear or smoke-colored versions. So whether you want trendy pieces of furniture to brighten your living space or update the overall look and feel of specific areas around your home, a set of clear or smoked colored ghost chairs is sure to add an ethereal touch to your design ideas.

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