How to Add Contemporary Styling to your Living Room


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You’ve seen the magazine spreads full of glossy photographs that seem as if they are from a distant future.  But a contemporary style of clean lines, minimal décor, and punches of unexpected color characterize the edgy interior designs of the here and now.  Is your living room ready for a fresh facelift to bring it into this decade?  Maybe it just needs a little adjustment?  If you love the look but think it’s impossible to achieve without an expensive re-design, think again.  Here are some basic elements to contemporary design that you can work into any living room, in big ways or small.

contemporary living room

Add contemporary styling with sophisticated furniture and details

Image via: John Maniscalco Architecture


Contemporary design is actually very practical and easy to maintain, even for busy families.  The goal is to maximize space and use fewer pieces to get that minimalist, less-is-more feel.  The quickest way to get started is to evaluate your living room and streamline what you already have.  Where do you want your guests to look?  Clear the clutter down to just a few accent pieces so they can really shine.  Look for furniture that can serve more than one purpose, like the Taupe Micro Twill Sofa Bed, which allows you to quickly adjust the arms and back for comfort or the occasional out-of-town guests.  Without extra furniture and décor, your living room will feel larger and easier to keep clean and neat.  Wouldn’t a little more simplicity be nice in your living room?

Taupe Micro Twill Modern Sofa Bed

Taupe Micro Twill Modern Sofa Bed

Pump up the color

Now that your room has the minimalism and space that are core concepts of contemporary design, work with color to get the complete feel.  Fresh white walls and lots of neutral colors are easy to work with, and your living room probably already has some of those basic elements.  Contemporary design is the most playful on a blank ‘canvas’ in a room, so bright bursts of color will draw attention, like the brilliant red Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa.  By using color only for specific items, you focus attention on the design highlights of your room, like a fireplace or a really stunning piece of furniture.

Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa

Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa

Budget styling

The latest home fashions usually come with a price tag to match their ingenuity and design.  However, even on a budget, In Style Modern provides options at a great price so the living room from the magazine photos doesn’t have to be just a dream.

contemporary living room color

Liven your living room with color

Image via: Rachel Reider Interiors

Contemporary design is practical, simple, playful, and thanks to In Style Modern, it is also affordable.  With these tips, you can bring edgy design and chic styling into your living room.

3 Creative Ways to Bring Summer Colors into Your Guest Bedroom


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When the air is warm and the days are long, many of us just want to throw open our windows and enjoy the days of summer. Creating a summer look in your guest bedroom not only makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable, it makes them enjoy the feeling of summer all year long. Nothing feels as good as walking into a bright bedroom right in the middle of winter. It’s enough to put a smile on your face. Summer bedroom decorating doesn’t have to be a big project. With just a few tweaks, you can bring summer freshness into your guest bedroom.

guest bedroom summer

How will you invite summer color into your guest bedroom?

Image via: Andra Birkerts Design

If you’re looking to give your guest bedroom a summer update, here’s how to go about it:

1)     Make The Sofa Bed The Focal Point

Summer is all about daring patterns and bold colors. Bring that atmosphere into your guest bedroom with the Romano Convertible Sofa Chair. You’ll not only offer your guests a place to rest their weary bodies, you’ll also brighten up the room instantly. Nothing screams summer like a bright red color. Red is an excellent choice as it goes with many different colors like gold, purple, gray-green, yellow-beige, and blue. If your walls are painted a bright color, you can tone down the color scheme with a neutrally-colored sofa bed like the Taupe Micro Twill Modern Sofa Bed.

Romano convertible chair

Romano convertible chair

2)     Use your Walls to Create Colorful Inspiration

Happy, bright colors make you think of carefree afternoons, sunny days at the beach, fresh air, and flowers in bloom. For a gentle, subtle look, paint the walls of your guest bedroom softly tinted pales or pastels such as lime green, pale aqua green, lemon yellow, raspberry, and Persian violet. These colors can easily blend with dark and neutrally-colored decor. If you’re going for a crisp, comfortable look, blend mid-tone colors like green or grape with white or taupe-colored furnishings.

guest bedroom summer ideas

Add bright or subtle summer color inspiration

Image via: Northworks Architects and Planners

3)     Use Colorful Bed Linen

Using colorful bedding is a simple and easy way to bring summer into your guestroom without breaking the bank. When choosing bed linen, remember that comfort is also key factor. The linen should be soft and cozy to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Some bedding comes with different patterns on each side helping you to easily vary the look of the bedroom. Bed linen greatly affects a bedroom’s atmosphere and can help you to achieve the perfect summer look.

These simple tips will give your guestroom an enduring summer look and keep your guests smiling all year long.

3 Smart Tips for Choosing Outdoor Summer Seating for Entertaining


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Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. With longer days and warmer temperatures, the timing is just right for outdoor gatherings. Nothing feels as good as having family and friends over for an outdoor party during summer. However, preparing for party itself can be less than exciting especially when your outdoors require a lot of attention.

outdoor furniture entertaining ideas

Outdoor furniture entertaining ideas

Image via: Summer Classics

One simple way to give your outdoors an instant face-lift is by getting outdoor summer seating. Outdoor furniture can instantly transform patios, terraces, balconies, and gardens into decorative havens. It will give your guests an opportunity to smell the roses, feel the fresh summer breeze, enjoy the clear blue sky, or play a game on the lawn. When looking for the best summer seating, here are some things to keep in mind:

Fine Mode Sun Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Fine Mode Sun Outdoor Chaise Lounge

1. Consider The Furniture’s Purpose

When looking for outdoor summer furniture, it is important to consider how it will be used. Will your guests be sitting on the furniture sipping cool drinks or will they be having rowdy fun outdoors? If you would like to create a calm environment, go for cozy seating but if you like to entertain a lot, get versatile furniture for your different guests. If you’re entertaining around the pool area, lounge chairs are a perfect choice as they give one the opportunity to relax or take a nap. Other important things to consider are the people who will generally use the furniture and the number of people who will attend the event.

2. Go For Comfortable, Stylish Seating

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home’s interior so it is important to choose comfy and stylish furniture that mirrors your interior décor. When creating a comfortable environment, choose furniture with cushions as it provides supreme comfort and also appeals to your guests. Outdoor furniture designed for style and comfort is great as it provides the perfect atmosphere for summer entertaining.

Fine Mod Shadow Outdoor Set

Fine Mod Shadow Outdoor Set

3. Choose Furniture in Summer Colors 

Summer is all about bright, eye-catching colors. A great way to create the perfect outdoor summer environment is by choosing furniture in bright summer colors. Colorful furniture makes your balcony, patio, or poolside look warm and inviting. Bright colors can brighten up any setting and also uplift people’s moods.

These simple tips will help you to choose great outdoor summer seating. You’ll not only enjoy your outdoors, you’ll love entertaining even more.

Selecting the Ideal Home Office Furniture for Productivity


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Does your home office inspire you or make you cringe?  Whether it’s for bills, personal projects, or your full-time workstation, sitting at your desk may not be optional.  So take a fresh look at your home office space and make it as exciting, inspiring, and comfortable as it can possibly be with a little help from these ideas.

home office idea productivity

Choose office furniture ideal for your home office

Image via: Dia Stylu

Choose furniture for Productivity

The best way to maximize every moment spent working at your desk is to use good space planning and organization techniques.  Be creative about the way you lay out furniture like the desk, shelves, filing cabinets, seating areas, and storage space.  You want to create a flow that allows you access commonly used items like a printer and scanner without being blocked by an awkward design.  Take advantage of any windows and give yourself a view you never had from your cubicle.  Update light fixtures so every part of the room is well lit.  Of course, clear the clutter off of usable horizontal space; if you still need the items, use decorative boxes and containers to contain loose things.  Using containers also keeps you organized so you’ll never waste time hunting for envelopes again.

Ensure a Comfortable office: Ergonomics

You will avoid your home office even more if your desk and chair aren’t comfortable.  If you’re sitting closer than an arm’s length from your computer screen, you’ll be longing for a change of scene in no time.  Make sure you have a desk chair that is correctly adjusted for your back, legs, and arms.  Experts recommend using a chair that supports the curves of your spine with your feet resting flat and your thighs parallel to the floor. The Ergo Fit Highly Adjustable Mesh Office Chair from In Style Modern allows you to adjust all of these features, and even has adjustable arms to keep your wrists straight and even with your keyboard and mouse.  Try a chair with extra contour in the back if you are uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time, like the Togo Ribbed Mid-Back Leather Office Chair with a pronounced curved shape for contemporary style and comfort.

Togo Lider Ribbed Leather office chair

Togo Lider Ribbed Leather office chair for a great look to your office

Get motivated to want to work

Even if your home office is organized and comfortable, you won’t love working there until it becomes a space that motivates and inspires you.  Maybe its sleek design and bright color like the bright red Inner Office Chair in Leather that will spark your creativity, or the addition of personal touches that reflect your style.

Inner office chair in leather

Inner office chair in leather

Once your home office gets a productive boost in comfort and style, you won’t mind spending time at your desk!

Get The Look #3: Ralph Lauren’s Kitchen

Famous designer Ralph Lauren likes it simple, uncluttered, and clean as far as fashion goes. The same holds true for the Fifth Avenue duplex he shares with his family. His yen for open and clean spaces is reflected in every room of the home, and even more so in his kitchen. Lacquer, chrome, and stainless steel define the spacious, white kitchen, the monotony broken here and there with black kitchenware and the occasional splashes of color from simple floral arrangements.

Bertoia Style Wire Side Chair: $115

Fiesta Black Oval Platter: $15.99

Global Views Clear View Vases: from $47.50

Ameriwood 2-Door Pantry in White: $101.62

Get The Look #2: Meg Ryan’s Bedroom


Beloved Hollywood actress Meg Ryan’s Martha’s Vineyard bedroom seems to share her sunny and down-to-earth disposition. Lots of natural light filter in, and the high sloping ceiling lends an airiness to the entire space. Rustic, antique looking accent pieces in stained wood provide the perfect foil to the soft bed linen and upholstery.

Modern Hanging Lamp: $115

Armen Living Citation Tufted Leather Ottoman in Cream: $272

Cooper Classics Laurel Cheval Mirror in Distressed Rustic Mahogany: $418

Stein World Painted Treasures 2 Door Cabinet: $499.99

South Shore Infinity Queen Storage Platform Bed: $313.95

Get The Look #1: Julianne Moore’s Loft


A neutral palette, lots of natural light, and rustic touches define actress Julianne Moore’s loft in the West Village. The square-ness of the living area is softened by natural wood, creamy leather, and playful curves found on the coffee table, rocker, and the accent recliner. The soft L-shaped sofas are vintage pieces. Coupled with a great view, the overall look and feel of this room is relaxing and soothing. 
Molded White Plastic Armchair Rocker: $135 
Pacific Coast Lighting Driftwood Table Lamp in Natural: $151.80
David Stine Woodworking Davies Coffee Table: $2,750
Sunpan Modern Waverly Bonded Leather Armchair in Ivory: $960
Poundex Bobkana 2 Piece Waffle Suede Sectional Sofa in Grey Charcoal: $823.99

Molded Plastic White Armchair Giveaway


, ,, an interior design blog which celebrates chic finds for less, is teaming up with InStyleModern in an exciting giveaway for its readers.

InStyleModern is a premier online retailer for modern and contemporary home and office furniture. One of the company’s more popular products is the Molded White Plastic Armchair reminiscent of the Eames Molded Plastic Rocker. InStyleModern’s version is made of a sturdy ABS frame, stainless steel legs, and ash wood, and is definitely chic all the way.

Copy Cat Chic

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